Why is good photography so expensive?

Working as a professional photographer is an expensive endeavor. Current camera bodies and lenses cost several thousand dollars and this equipment has to be replaced every one to two years. Website and gallery services include monthly and/or yearly fees. Insurance is expensive!

Professional editing programs are costly, and an average of 5 to 10 hours is spent during the edit and post processing of images. An average of 15 to 20 hours per week is spent handling inquiries, client questions, and marketing. Additionally, as self-employed professionals, photographers pay an average of 40% of their income in taxes plus annual business fees.

Finally, it’s important to remember you are hiring a photographer for their talent, as an artist. Photography lasts a lifetime and you get what you pay for. In 30 years, the professional portraits of your children will probably be one of your most valuable possessions because we forget the little details that’s captured by a good photographer. If that’s not worth more than $250.00, what is?

Do you have a studio?

Yes and it is not in my garage or in a room inside my home/apartment. My studio is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley in San Jose – CA on Saratoga Ave. and 280 freeway exit. Parents will have plenty of parking space that’s reserved specifically for Aline Designs clients. At a space that is over 1,100 sq ft, your everlasting memories will be captured at a beautiful, warm and comfortable environment specially designed not only for family, toddlers and newborns, but also to accommodate moms during the early days after their delivery. New moms will have a comfortable place to rest and breastfeed during the sessions and stay at arms-reach with your little one during sessions. Clients also have access to a private large, heated bathroom, changing table and a welcoming setting area. I look forward to meeting your family soon!

Do you offer any discounts?

I do not provide any discounts. However, my business thrives with word-of-mouth and I do reward referrals through my Client Referral Program.

Booking Process

Do you require a deposit/booking fee to book my session?

Yes! A non-refundable booking fee is required to book any photo session.

Client understands that by booking a session, Photographer is foregoing other photographic jobs. Therefore, Booking Fees are never refundable nor transferable, unless due to extraordinary circumstances, exclusively at the discretion of the Photographer.

Contract Signature: Can I send you the Contract / Photo Consent / Model Release document later, after the photo session?

NO. The contract must be signed within 48 hours upon booking fee payment. After 2 days of delay, the session will be canceled and the booking fee forfeited. If the original date and time are still available, the client will need to re-initiate the booking process including the payment of a new booking fee. No Exceptions!

Photo Delivery, Rights and Terms & Conditions

How long does it take for me to see my proof gallery? Can I purchase additional images?

Approximately 2-4 weeks following the date of the session, the Client will be scheduled to come into the studio for the reveal and ordering appointment. At this time, the client will select the images included in the package and any other desired additional digital images, prints or wall art. The client will be ordering and paying for prints and products at the end of the reveal and ordering appointment; therefore, anyone interested in making any decisions will need to attend the Reveal & Ordering session. Orderings cannot be made at a later time or at a second appointment. Appointments are 1 hour long and held from Monday – Friday in the morning or at lunch time and occasionally on weekends in the morning.  All payments made for additional images and products at the Reveal and Ordering appointment are final and non-refundable.

Please note that such time frame may be longer for event sessions.

Rush Deliver of Images: You can add on a rush fee of $75.00 to your package to have your proof gallery delivered to you in 3 business days after your session. Rush fee does not apply for large event photo sessions.

>>>Holiday Season (months of November and December): You can add on a rush fee of  $85.00 to your package to have your proof gallery delivered to you in 5 business days after your session. <<<

I got my proof gallery, can you convert the Black & White images into color? Can I get both versions as one photo?

No. Photos provided in the proof gallery as Black and White will be delivered as black and white if selected by the client. Furthermore, these photos will not be converted into color so you can view them in color.

In the event that a colored and black and white version is provided in the proof gallery they are counted as separate images and not as one.

Each black and white image is manually edited to achieve the right tone, sharpness and contrast which is part of the photographer’s artistic style. Thus, the client understands that any image alteration done by the client will result in a copyright violation – application of social media filters is also considered as unlawful alteration.

Will I see every image you took at my session?

No. Without fail, there will be duplicates and/or less than flattering images taken at your session. These are immediately deleted. I choose the best images from your session and hand edit each one, with great care and attention to detail. You are presented with an online gallery of these final images.

Will I get all the images from my session? Will I get all the proofs from my gallery?

No, I do not deliver every image taken at the session. Furthermore, I do not share unedited images with clients. This can be compared to sharing unfinished artwork.

It is illegal and a Copyright Violation of the U.S Code Title 17, to save or screenshot any image from the proof gallery. I take this policy extremely seriously for my business. Also, it is illegal and unlawful to scan, copy or reproduce Aline Designs’ work in any manner or medium and is punishable by law with fines starting at $150,000 per violation.

Can I get access to the RAW files?

Unfortunately, the RAW / unedited files are never part of my deliverables to my clients as those are not a faithful representation of my work.

How will I get my final digital images and prints?

Packages that include digitals and prints the content will be delivered as follows:

Digitals: Your final digital selection will be delivered electronically through a digital download link.

In your folder, you will receive two versions of your final selection: High-Resolution which can be used for printing and Web-Version for online postings.

Prints & Wall Arts: During the reveal and ordering appointment, the client can choose to either have the items delivered directly to their home for an additional delivery fee or come to pick-up the items at the studio.

After selecting my finals, how long it will take for me to get my final images?

The photographer will not start working on any images until the final payment is made. From the payment moment, the project is be added into the editing queue on a first-come, first served basis. This process could take up to 10 business days, but it may take longer during high-season.

Can I print the final images delivered to me?

Yes. You can print the High-Resolution images for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

When your final images are delivered, you will also get a Print Release document which states that you have the right to print the photos for personal use only at a size up to 8×10 – these files are delivered through a digital download and will not contain a watermark.

To get the true quality of your images, I recommend using my printing services for all of your printing items. I have had a number of clients who decided to print at local stores or non-professional printing sites and came back in the end disappointed with the results to print with me.


The best part after a beautiful photo session is to continue to experience those moments by showcasing your beautiful images around your home. Thus, any printing products at a size of 8×10 and larger must be printed through Aline Designs for the true quality and coloring of your images.

When it is time to order your prints, you are welcome to come into my studio to view and touch each product and see which ones will best complement your home and style. I also help clients to create wall art collections remotely – you can show me a picture of the room you would like to showcase your images and I can help with the design.

Photographic prints are printed on museum-grade luster paper and are rated to last for 100 years or longer. An added linen finish gives this print a luxurious feel and appearance. Each print is sprayed with a protective coating to ensure longevity. Prints come mounted and ready to frame.

Albums feature lay-flat pages that allow photos to extend across the spread. Prints are mounted onto thick mat board pages for rigidity and sprayed with a protective coating.

Am I allowed to post any of the images online on Social Media sites?

Yes. I will provide you with a lower-resolution web version with my logo on the corner. Only web version files are allowed to be posted online.

Terms & Conditions

Aline Designs Photography reserves the right to use any photograph in any form such as, but not limited to, the use in advertising, reproduction, and copyright. All images are copyrighted by Aline Designs Photography, even those you purchase. Copying, scanning or reproducing images is strictly prohibited. Print-screening images from this website and proof gallery is also against the law. All offenders will be prosecuted accordingly. The client agrees that the work delivered will be of a similar style and caliber to those photographs on our website and social media sites, and that the photographer will have complete creative control during the photo shoot and in post-processing. The images will be delivered in a digital format (JPEG) with a mix of color and black and white images according to the client’s final selection, as deemed appropriate by the photographer. No re-editing will be done after the final edited copies are presented to the client. No black and white images will be converted into color or vice-versa. Furthermore, any edits or alterations made by the client including, but not limited to filter applications that will modify an image will result in a copyright violation. Prices are subject to change without notice and are non-negotiable. Due to the custom nature of photographic products, no refunds will be issued. By hiring Aline Designs Photography, you agree to these terms.


All of Aline Designs work contain an invisible watermark used for web tracking purposes and ownership rights.

Do you have a Sick Policy?

Yes, I do. Because of the nature of my job, and the exposure I have to brand pregnant moms and new babies, I ask that if ANYONE in your family is sick, that you not bring them to your session. If you or your baby is sick, please contact me immediately. If the client fails to disclose any illness, and the photographer finds out upon arrival, the session will be canceled without refund and any rights to re-schedule forfeited.

The client must be symptom-free for 2 full days before coming into any photo session. Symptoms typically covered under this rule include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Rash
  • Deep or persistent cough
  • A fever over a certain temperature (typically 101.0 F)
  • Nose discharge
  • Obvious contagious conditions, such as head lice or pink eye
  • Green discharge from the eyes or nose
  • Watery, inflamed eyes
  • Crusty eyelids
  • Heavy nasal discharge
  • Unusual irritability
  • Flushed appearance, clamminess
  • Hand Mouth Foot Disease: Your child will need to be symptom free for 1 full week
When to Book...

When should I book my session?

To ensure my clients receive the personal attention they deserve, I only accept a limited number of sessions each month.

It is advisable to book your session several months in advance. It is not uncommon for me to be booked out for several months.

For Maternity, moms usually book me when they find out that they are pregnant so we can do Baby Announcement, Gender Announcement, Maternity and Newborn. However, you should definitely book when you are about 6 months pregnant so we have time to plan your day and photograph when you are about 8 months (see more details below).

Cake Smashes must be booked with at least 15 days in advance, but all of my sessions are now booking at about 4 months in advance. My calendar fills up really quickly for those, so don’t wait until the last minute.


When should I take my maternity photos?

Maternity pictures should be taken during the 3rd trimester when the belly is big and round.

Note: If you are interested in newborn photos, it is important to book your session while you are pregnant. Please don’t wait until the baby is born to schedule your session. My schedule fills up quickly.


When should I take my newborn photos? Do you provide any props?

Newborn photos should be taken in the 3-10 day mark when the baby is fairly “moldable” and no later than 2.5 weeks. Once newborns are 12 days or older they sleep less and can become fussy when placed on their tummies or other poses.

I provide all the props, backdrops and blankets needed for newborn shoots. These photos are taken in my heated studio. You are also welcome and encouraged to bring any items that you may want to have included in the photos (these items must be approved by the photographer as not everything will work and be safe in a newborn setting).

Newborn Sessions are photographed on a week day. A surcharge of $200.00 will apply for weekend sessions.

Where is my Newborn going to take place and at what time? At what time are these photographed?

When the session is booked you will have the option to choose either a studio or home session. While 99% of my sessions are done in my studio because the place is properly equipped for newborn sessions, we can also photograph at your home. Home sessions will require an additional travel fee and will be photographed as lifestyle.

Due to lighting conditions, newborn sessions are photographed at either 9:30am, 10:00am or 1:30pm. The actual session time will be determined with the client once the session date is scheduled based on the photographer’s current availability.

Newborn Sessions are photographed on a week day. A surcharge of $200.00 will apply for weekend sessions.

My baby is Late Preterm (Premature). How do we handle that?

Health is our #1 concern. In these cases your baby will likely be hospitalized and probably in the NICU for a few days, weeks and sometimes months.

Once your child is well, out of hospitalization and have reached its full term (based on the mother’s original due date indicated in the contract), we will schedule your photo session day. Sessions are photographed between 10 – 15 days from the mother’s original due date – No Exceptions! If you decide to no longer proceed with the photo session, the booking fee is forfeited and cannot be applied towards the booking of another session.

If you have reached your full term date and your child still hospitalized due to surgical procedures or other serious complications, we will wait until the child is healthy and well.

My baby has Jaundice, what to do?

Jaundice is common in premature** infants (those born before 38 weeks of gestation), but it can also happen in full term infants. Once your child is out of the hospital, have gained proper weight and have done the light therapy, we will evaluate the case and schedule the day of your session. Jaundice is often resolved within 2 – 3 weeks, and a number of the babies I photograph are a little yellow. The yellow skin tone is definitely something that we can work on (if desired by the parents) during the editing process. If you decide to not pursue with the newborn session due to Jaundice, the booking fee is forfeited – No Exceptions!


**See Premature Policy Above.

Cake Smash Session (One Year Session)

When should I book my child’s Cake Smash Session?

It is best to book Cake Smash sessions when your child is around 6 months because I get booked several months in advance. Cake Smash sessions are photographed when your child is 11 months old. This will give us enough time to plan a theme, photograph and deliver the photos to you before his/her birthday party.

Wardrobe / What to wear

What should I/we wear during a photo session?

I will be happy to provide some wardrobe guidance to you when you book your session.

Maternity:  When you book your session you will receive a complete guide with tips on what to wear and the type of dress to purchase for the maternity style that you have in mind. In this guide, I will also provide you with a list of my preferred vendors for wardrobe and make-up artists. Please note, as explained in my package, I do require professional make-up for all of my maternity sessions and that’s not included in your package price. The client is responsible for booking her own make-up appointment.

Cake Smash: When you book your session you will receive a complete guide on how to prepare for the session and also a list of what you need to bring on the day of your session. In this guide, you will also find a list of my preferred vendors in case you decide to order your child’s outfit from them. Once the cake smash theme is selected, we will work together to make sure that the outfit and decoration are well coordenated.


Do you offer holiday cards or birth announcements?

Yes!  I work with vendors to create cards and announcements for session clients.

Why do you charge for an additional person or pet fee for some packages?

The additional family member or pet fee is charged as the more members we have, the more images we need to take and more coordination needs to happen during the session to make sure that everyone is positioned properly, focused and looking at the camera. Also, additional member(s) translates into extra time added during the image processing, which can be hours of work on my end that’s invisible to you. Furthermore, proper accommodations and planning on the photographer’s side is done to prepare for these sessions. Additional member(s) or pet fee are never waived nor refundable even when additional members or pet do not attend the scheduled session – no exceptions.

Do you have a referral program for existing clients?

Yes! You can find all the details here: https://www.aline-designs.com/referral-program/ 

Please let me know if I have not addressed any of your questions/concerns and I will be happy to clarify and assist you in any way I can.